Meet Adofo

My name is Adofo Ghani. I'm a licensed insurance agent and certified National Social Security Advisor working with a unique approach in the financial services industry. I have been working as Medicare Agent since 2021, and in 2023 I started WWIG, where I can have a greater impact helping people be better prepared for retirement.

Recognizing the crucial need for early and effective retirement planning, I have expanded my expertise to include certification as a National Social Security Advisor. This qualification complements my work in financial services, where I employ a distinctive approach to uncover potential savings that many lose unknowingly, thus ensuring that these funds can support a comfortable future lifestyle instead.

As we navigate these pivotal financial decisions together, my aim is to provide not just expert advice but also a partnership that empowers you to approach retirement with confidence and security. Whether you’re seeking to optimize your health insurance options, maximize your Social Security benefits, or safeguard your financial future, my commitment is to be your trusted advisor, helping you pave the way toward a sustainable and fulfilling retirement.


We are proud to showcase some of our esteemed partners in the insurance industry. Each company I collaborate with is carefully selected for its proven track record of exceptional service and extensive experience in the Life & Health insurance sectors. These partners are not just leaders in the industry; they are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and healthcare for our clients throughout their lifetimes. By working together, we ensure that managing your life and health insurance needs is as seamless and beneficial as possible.